MySql Latin1 to UTF8 Conversion

MySql Latin1 to UTF8 Conversion

utf-8For those of you who follow me due to my social media strategy, this is a little break from the norm. I am a nerd and I used a lot of resources to develop this script, so in an effort to give back to the community I’m gonna nerd out for a post.

The Problem with ISO-8859-1 aka Latin1

I am not an expert in character encoding, so I’ll break it down in human terms. Latin1 cannot hold as many characters as UTF8. This becomes a problem when you have encoding from applications such as Microsoft Word, or different languages. UTF8 on the other hand can store everything latin1 can and a whole lot more. As an example, and to learn more about how to make your websites UTF-8 compatible, see Geir Berset’s Mother of all UTF-8 Check lists. (more…)

Linux Find and Argument List Too Long

I have had a problem that has been plaguing me for eons, and today I finally stopped and dealt with it, I refused to let it plague me anymore. And to my surprise I was able to solve it pretty quickly.

I use the find command in Linux very often. I also use sendmail and support it. I have a few hundred users on my server and I occasionally need to help a user find a piece of information in their email. So I ssh into the server, grab my trusty find command and go to work, this is where the problems typically occur. (more…)