Are Facebook’s Wall Comments Currently Disabled?

Are Facebook’s Wall Comments Currently Disabled?

Don’t know the full story yet, but on multiple Facebook pages our team has visited today we’ve noticed that you cannot comment on the wall postings.

An example from Social Media Examiner:

Older post made to wall, you can comment on it

Versus the recent comments:

Recent Wall Posts with no ability to Comment

For reference here’s more of the page in context:

Older posts (9 hours ago) can be commented on

Update: This does not affect walls of personal profiles. Just Pages, no word yet if this affects community pages yet.

Update 10:09 am Target’s Wall: documents this quite well

Note the comment on Target's wall about Facebook comments being broken, and then comments on a later post

Target users desiring it to be fixed.

Update 10pm: Known issue, Social Media Examiner has a thread explaining that its the posts made by fans to the walls of business pages. However fans can still comment on posts by the page admins. is also covering it.