Boomerang is a must use for Inbox-todo method

Boomerang is a must use for Inbox-todo method

I find that I use my inbox as my todo list. I know I know I know… It’s not the greatest use of the inbox. I mean the inbox was not designed to be a todo list and using an inbox as a todo list doesn’t work with either inbox zero or the GTD methods. But no matter how many other todo list mangers I try I keep returning to the inbox-as-todo-list method.

Yet I have this dilemma, a war wages inside. I like inbox zero, or at least inbox <5. I also have anywhere from 20-50 things on my todo list at any given time. (more…)

Toya Aboke Google Profile Email Spam

Toya Aboke Google Profile Email Spam

spamWow I’m rich!


and I didn’t know it :)


The below is copied and pasted from a piece of spam email that I received. It made it through two email spam filters including Google’s. So I imagine I’m not the only one who has received it. When I did a quick search I didn’t find any examples, so I’m adding this to the interwebs as official spam documentation.

It’s too bad, I always thought my uncle was a rich Oil Tycoon ;)


RSS to Email Inbox a Technique for Listening Online

RSS to Email Inbox a Technique for Listening Online

Feed the World (with Atom and RSS)

This is a tip or a technique I use everyday to monitor keywords about me and my clients. There are tools which do actual sentiment analysis and all kinds of other listening, but I just want to be reminded to read the conversations.

I also like to keep my inbox small. So I trick myself and have content by keywords delivered to my inbox, that way I’m forced to read it or make a conscious effort to ignore it. Not signing into a listening application can cause problems… unless it delivers emails of conversations.

This technique will focus on listening to twitter, however there are plenty of RSS feeds out there to use this method of “subscribing”

Gathering your RSS Feed

Simply head over to twitter search and type in a query, I’ll use “elephants” as mine… however I recommend you visit the Advanced Search page to develop a better query like “elephants -peanuts -from:Elleph” This will give you this page as a result (or And in reality you can use these URLs in most RSS to Email tools, however I recommend going one step further and locating the actual RSS feed.

Twitter Search RSS feed

In the Twitter Search Results page you should see a link saying “Feed for this query” (as seen in the image below) right click on this link and choose copy link address or link URL. This is the actual RSS feed url that we’ll use in the next step.

Finding an RSS to Email tool

There are a few options, and some have come and gone over the years, so I’ll recommend two searches, and two currently functioning tools. First off, searches:

One of the current tools I use shows up in spot number one for both of those searches… Feed my Inbox. The next sections will explain what to do with each of these tools

Feed My Inbox

FeedMyInbox Signup RSS feed to EmailArguably the best tool out there for taking an RSS feed and dumping the results to email, Feed my Inbox makes it quite simple, when you arrive it asks for a feed url (which we got from step one) and your email address, that’s all it needs to start emailing you the tweets you care about. (or blog postings youtube videos etc). You can also login to customize more settings, but the basics are here for you. - RSS to SMS or RSS to Email

Taking the RSS to inbox one step further allows you to have it send an SMS, IM or Email. Which is very handy for the more important keywords you want to pay attention to. Once signed in you can turn on and off notifications with a simple click and add feeds by pasting the URL (from above) to add new feeds.


These are two tools, and one technique that I use on a daily basis to keep me informed of conversations around my keywords… this is how I can appear to be online all day long while actually enjoying a life offline.

Remember, Automate the simple stuff, do the conversations and relationship manually.