Social Media and Blog Content

Social Media and Blog Content

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Are you kidding me? He’s going to be just like one of those other SEO guys who blog about blogging or about blog content?

Yes, and No.

I have been struggling lately with this concept and so I’m going write my struggles and invite you into a process/growth/learning/development I’m going through.

Content is King

If you haven’t heard it before, please search on the terms content and king. You will find a wealth of bloggers discussing how it’s about the content you put out there.

It’s true: A Twitter profile, a TikTok channel, a Facebook fan page, a blog, these are all methods of putting content out there. So to be social, to take advantage of the new marketing style, one has to have content. And if you’re looking to grow your following on TikTok, one of the best things you can do is to buy tiktok likes that are genuine and engaging. (more…)

The Basics of Blogging for Business

The Basics of Blogging for Business

Via ehnmark @ flickrWARNING: Do not read this post if:

  1. You already have a corporate blog
  2. You blog more than I do
  3. You think I am a faker

There… now for those who are considering adding a blog to your online strategy, consider the following as a brief tutorial of things/concepts you should know before beginning. (more…)

Blogging Strategy for Businesses

Blogging Strategy for Businesses

from peaceofmind flickr

from peaceofmind @ flickr

This is part of a larger Strategy of Online Marketing, but for now you are going to have to take in just a simple piece of the pie. If you truly want your business to thrive, another great tip is to use one of the great solutions for business intelligence, like the one from InetSoft. This offers some amazing data for your business, that you can then use to gain a much better performance from the business, so it’s priceless data.

Blogs have been around for almost 10 years. But I still find many people and companies hesitant to grasp the why’s and how’s regarding blogging. In order to have that conversation we need to talk about online goals. (more…)