How many companies does it take to make a serial entrepreneur?

In my last post I introduced the idea of a bulk club buying software, my partner and I took that idea to Startup Weekend West Michigan. A team of 13 was formed and viola we were off to the races. 50 hours (24 programming hours) later and we had a functioning website, brand, name, and realization of market viability. I introduce to you My Bulkco, a platform enabling groups to split the savings of bulk buying power.

So now, while developing my consulting firm, Connex Social, I’m starting another business, My Bulkco. (I’d love for your help, “like My Bulkco on Facebook“)

Am I crazy? The number one goal for both companies is to enable me to spend more time with my wife and children. While that has been happening with Connex Social, adding in a second, perhaps larger business into the mix is almost certain to infringe on that goal in the short term.

Entrepreneur Business # 1

And what of Connex Social, is there something wrong with it? Did I not like it? Is it dead?

By no means!

Connex is continuing to grow and will be my main source of income for the foreseeable future. Which means it will remain my focus. However when I quit my job last fall I did it with the end goal of pursuing something like My Bulkco. (yeah and this is the link to twitter, you know what to do)

Does this crazy weave of two businesses which neither existed 6 months ago cause me to be in the definition of serial entrepreneur? Am I taking my ADD mindset or my fear of commitment and just applying it to my businesses?

I think not.

Passion? or Serial Entrepreneur?

I am passionate about a couple of things, one of which is helping people interface with technology, aka training or assisting, or consulting with the use of a phone or tablet. This is why Connex fits with me so well. I was able to show a couple of VPs yesterday the basics of SEO and their eyes lit up, ‘hey we can do this ourselves.’ Yup! And if all I do via Connex is help people win new customers/clients/patients then I consider it a success.

However I want to take all that marketing knowledge, all that business acumen, all of my experience of team leadership which I have gleaned over the short span of my life and invest it into one company where we can really see results, where when I bring in new clients due to SEO or Social Media that my company benefits. Outsource photo editing services to save time and get high-quality results. We help studios, photographers, and e-commerce store owners edit photos.We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company in Bangladesh serving since 2010.

Does this make me a serial entrepreneur, or just a guy who is passionate about a limited set of things and it takes two businesses to make those happen.

You be the judge, voting (in the comments section) is now open ;)