I recently started my own company, and it’s going really well.

But one of the reasons for going out on my own was to pursue a business venture that I and a partner conceived over 2 years ago. Its been a slow road so far, but we want to see it increase dramatically.

Buying Club - Startup WeekendThat’s why I’m going to Startup Weekend in two days. And while there I am going to make a pitch for this company/tool/software. I’d love to see it take off.

Startup needs

But I need help.

Do you know of someone interested in assisting new startups get off the ground, think GR Give Camp, only for new business ventures. And what happens if that business takes off? would that person be on the team? Perhaps.

Do you know of someone who wants to stop the corporate tail chase, or the trading hours for dollars? Someone waiting to find something to be passionate about? For $50 and <50 hours you might have that opportunity. So if you or someone you know could help in coding, business development or otherwise, please signup and be there Friday.

I also need help making the pitch into 2 minutes. I have 11 slides (see below) and I doubt I’ll hit them all.

My final plee, be ready to rejoice when my project is selected on Friday, or be ready to buy me more than one beer if it’s not.

In summary: You can be apart of a potential startup company by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Register for the weekend (and be there)
  2. Tell me what needs to be cut from this pitch
  3. Be ready for the news Friday night… watch here and here for live breaking updates ;)

The Startup Weekend Pitch