I work in Marketing. Better stated I work for a firm that makes its money in marketing. I have been in this industry for 3 years now and never knew anything about what it takes to be a marketer.

Through our past three years of experience with seeing my companies adds placed around our community my wife and I have begun to be critics of all marketing and advertising.  For example I appreciate good User Interface (UI or UX) Both in digital/new media and in old/traditional media. A Billboard with too much information or too small of print is not good UI to me.

My wife recently ran into this ad on You tube and I’d like to discuss it here.


We often comment about ads which are good as being zippy, they are memorable, cause you to think and cause you to consider taking action. A current favorite of mine in this category is the Unsnobby coffee billboards lining my commute to work everyday. Lines like “You Mocha me happy” or “90210 taste on (insert local zip code here) budget”  They haven’t caused me to buy a coffee from McD’s because well.. I’m not in the habit of whittling away my budget for drinks etc.  But they have changed my perception of McD’s … just a little.  Yes they still ask “do you want fries with that” but I hope they don’t ask someone that when they order a tall skinny carmel mocha.

I’m laughing just picturing that.

Anyways, my perception of McD’s has been altered and they didn’t give me a ton of information or facts, it was zippy, and clean in it’s presentation. (I admit, I have only interacted with this campaign through it’s outdoor (billboards for the uneducated!))

But this commercial, put out by the PAC catholicvote.org is zippy. It supports a basic fundamental philosophical tenant of mine, but more-so it is something I am proud of.  This is a commercial arguing a hot topic, but doing it in a very heartfelt way. Showing love, care, and respect for live. All life.

Watch it, let me know your thoughts.

Is this good advertising?

Does it make you think twice about your normal stance on abortion?

Did you know that NBC and the NFL refuse to air political ads during the Superbowl? This was one of those political ads rejected for airtime.

Bummer imo.