I aim to set the record straight. I am not a politician, just an average joe who has listened to the talk all over about Obama and abortion. I have heard some pretty negative comments. And today I got one that made me upset enough to research what the truth about Obama and Abortion is and was. I have heard a lot of people talking badly about the President because he said he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. He even said it would be the first thing he would do if elected to the office of the President. Fortunately the Freedom of Choice Act (or FOCA) has to get passed by congress first. The president cannot make this into a law without congress.

This is a basic tenant of the balance of powers, the check and balance system. I learned this in my High School Government class. Yes the President has power, but most of the power of a president is in influence. On a side note I believe President Obama has more influence than the other presidents I have seen in my short life.

Yet despite all that I have been hearing a lot of what I would label FUD about the President when it comes to the topic of Abortion.I have actually heard conservative Christians call him “Baby Killer.” There is even a pastor in my town who is receiving hate mail because he admitted to voting for Obama despite his stance on abortion. (Follow up story)

Where did all this FUD come from?

Admittedly, Obama did say this:

The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act

See it, hear it your self: Obama’s Speech to Planned Parenthood Action Fund July 17, 2007 (1.5 years ago, before the economy collapsed etc.) Transcript

Yet consider who he was talking to and who he was at the time. He was talking to a Fund raising body of people who raise money to support a woman’s choice to abortion. A group that is sick of what President Bush has done. Obama was not the President, the President elect nor was he even the democratic nominee at that time. What he said was not even part of his prepared speech but instead a response to a question from the audience. So consider one sentence in all the speeches, all the appearances and all the stuff Obama has done. This is simply one sentence. A promise from a politician.

Despite all the hope that Obama can give, he is still a politician who said things to get our votes. We have yet to see if he will stay true to what he promised. I have seen some great things he has done in hist first couple days in office, so I have hope that he will bring about some needed change. Lets look more into this abortion bill.

What is the FOCA?

Wikipedia gives one of the best summaries of the Freedom of Choice Act/Bill There is a lot of good information in that wikipedia entry which I will not repeat here. Please notice, We are now in the 111th congress and the bill has not been introduced yet. It was in the 110th congress but not yet in the 111th.

Here is a list of bills in the 111th congress (updates everyday @ 6am)  you have to search for the keywords that would be in the title… “freedom” “women” “freedom to” or “freedom of” were terms I chose and I could not find a bill for the FOCA using those terms.

The Irony in all this… is that the bill was introduced and tabled on Jan. 21-22 of 2004… not 2009 A huge detail that people are leaving out or not catching.

Yes it would be bad to have the FOCA as a law. And yes Obama as a Senator was a sponsor of this bill. But there is all kinds of political jockeying in congress during an election run. I do believe that President Obama does not have a conservative view on abortion. The facts do point to that he would sign the bill if presented to him.  But the FOCA or the abortion bill has gotten tabled twice by two congresses in a row.


Did you hear the President’s acceptance speech back in November, what about his inauguration speech. Did you hear him being passionate. I certainly did, I heard him being passionate about governmental change, about the war, about transparency about many different thags that I 100% agree with.

So why, in the midst of shutting down gitmo, or stopping a WAR in Iraq would he in his first two days of office sign such a divisive bill that would ruin the traction and momentum he has.

I’m sorry conservative, Christian one issue voters, but he sees life as bigger than just abortion. There is more to being the president than abortion rights/life rights. Please please catch this thought. That while you voted for someone else because he is a “baby killer” realize that he might just possibly do more to save life that the gentleman who you consider your hero, Mr Bush. Who killed more people as governor of the state of Texas through capital punishment than previous governors of the state.

Sanctity of All Life

This brings me to my closing point. Why I am passionate about this particular piece of legislation, and why I believe I can stand on the shoulders of giants like Dobson and support President Obama. Sanctity of life means more than just stopping abortion. Sanctity of Life should be written Sanctity of All Life. War kills people. Just look at the outlandish numbers of Gazans killed by Israel’s most recent string of offensives against Hamas. What about Capitol Punishment. Or Euthanasia. These are just as concerning to me as a holistic Christian as is abortion. Yes there is more of a heart felt story about the unborn and being defenseless.

But wait what about the 15 year old girl who was killed in Iraq. She seems pretty defenseless. Or the 35 year old vegetative state woman, she seems defenseless. There are some heart wrenching stories here too. How did the right wing, the Christian world get formed into a one issue, one topic body of voters? Does not life in all circumstances need to be preserved?

Just wanting to share with you the research I did to uncover the truth. I might be wrong and I welcome some facts to show it.

I hope this doesn’t offend but encourages us all on to truth.

Edit: NPR Sheds light on abortion law possibilities for the 36th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade – ahem – today Jan 22 2009.