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Paul Kortman

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Proficient with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Passionate about online marketing.

World Traveler via Home Along the Way

Certified nerd, as a system administrator for 12 years.

Father of 4, Husband of 1


Search Traffic Increased by 25%


Code & Site Structure

By simply tweaking the code and site structure Paul was able to improve our rankings significanly

Clairity from Data

Paul is able to see through the data and explain what users are doing and point to areas of concern on our site.

Friendly & Intelligent

It’s rare to find a person who can explain complex matters in laymans terms. But that’s what Paul specializes in!


Digital Marketer


Growth Hacker


Incredible Life

From Paul:

I’m just a regular guy. A follower of Jesus from Michigan in the US. My story is unique just like yours. This blog varies from stories about my family and struggles with raising our kids to helpful technical articles. This is just me in zeros and ones.

What about You?

Data can tell me a lot about you, like where you came from, what you read and where your mouse hovered, but it cannot tell me what’s on your mind, what you are seeking or how I can help. For that I need you to reach out. The web is now social and thus we should dialog to make this experience for you truly social. You won’t regret it!

Providing High Value

Paul’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to SEO/SEM & Social Media Marketing (SMM) for businesses and organizations is providing high value in the ever-growing area of strategic social marketing, as people look to their peers and friends for recommendations on goods & services.

– Steven Colthorp, 3CStudios

Refreshingly Honest

Paul is refreshingly honest in his approach to SEO marketing and purposefully does not promise things outside his control. He simply provides high quality advice to help his clients implement best practices in an ever changing market. I highly recommend Paul as a very knowledgeable professional.

– Adam Zuwerink, Atorney

An Expert

When it comes to SEO, Paul is an expert. He helped increase our site rank by over 24 percent in a short period of time, and educated us on SEO best practices so we can incorporate them into everything we do online. Paul is also an excellent resource in many many other on-line activities, and he’s fun to work with! Strongly recommend.

– Tamara Bergstrom, Marketing Manager Varnum LLP

Paul Kortman’s Blog about Marketing & Life

I Love Food, But It Has Almost Killed Me. Twice.

I have a condition that I didn't know about. Sometimes we know something is wrong with ourselves or our body but we just have to push through it. We live in a fallen, broken world where our bodies have troubles and there is nothing that can fix everything. That's what...

Productizing a Service Business?

Productizing a Service Business?

There's this holy grail in the location independent entrepreneur movement. It's developing a product. Something that sells over and over and over again after developing it once. This is where passive income can be realized. For more on business handling, you might...

Defining Success

Defining Success

I'm a parent, husband, friend, entrepreneur, boss, vendor, and follower of Jesus. Each of those have a metric for defining success. But in reality we need to define failure in order to truly define success. It's my belief that there is a significant space between...

What If?

What If?

A little over a year ago Becky and I asked a very dangerous question. What if? On one hand I strongly urge you to ask that question. Ask it a lot. But like the choice between the blue and red pill you cannot go backwards, you cannot return to bliss if you start asking...

Mailchimp Banned

Mailchimp Banned

I'm not an Affiliate Marketer. But I must be a spammer. Or I'm just a human making mistakes trying to skirt around the rules of the system. I made some mistakes and I knew I was playing in a risky place. And I got burned. Bad. I love WordPress, and I love Mailchimp....

Travel as a Lifestyle from a Digital Nomad Family

Travel as a Lifestyle from a Digital Nomad Family

I gave up. Or better stated I quit. And this isn't my first time quitting! On one hand we are told never to give up, that persistence pays off. Shoot, Angry Birds was Rovio's 52nd attempt at making a game. Yet on the other hand we're told to say no to things that...

Laymen’s Guide to the Kolbe Score

I was looking for a definitive explainer or a guide to the Kolbe Score and I couldn't find one, mostly because consultants make a lot of money explaining how the kolbe works and they are old skool in that they don't want to give away the information that they consult...

Saying No

Saying No

It happened again. The great opportunity fell into my lap. And I turned it down. What is this great opportunity? A job offer. In 2013, 5 years after the economy took a nose dive, 3 years after I quit my job and 3 years after starting an SEO company. I turned down my...

Father’s Day Sucks

I'm usually not to negative on this here blog, but today I needed to get something off my chest. To be real with the world. To make a confession: I don't know how to be a good father. For that reason, and many others today sucks. Celebrating fatherhood sucks. As most...

Jumping off of the Page

I'm the co-founder of ThingShare, a peer to peer rental system where anyone can participate in the sharing economy by listing your things and then renting them out to strangers. It's a form of Collaborative Consumption currently focused on the video gaming industry....