Hello there! I'm:

Paul Kortman

I'm a Father, Entrepreneur, Zapier Expert, Airtable Wiz, and Business Process expert.

Paul Kortman

Business Career

Helping Businesses Automate Workflows

Paul Kortman started his career path as an IT nerd, switching over to Digital Marketing in 2007. Within three years Paul started his first agency, Connex Social LLC, a Digital Marketing Agency focusing on SEO.After a few pivots and trying to niche down Paul developed Connex into a hybrid manual and automated link building agency.By 2014 Paul and Connex had caught the attention of Zapier when they started their Experts program. Within a year Connex closed down their SEO operations and became a Workflow Automation Agency

Paul Kortman

Family Man

Paul is a family man

Paul is lucky to call various people his kids, from his bio-kids, to his adopted-kids, to his step-kids, and now even grand-whatever-kids! Plus a girlfriend, parents, siblings and more!