Recap of Twitter Strategy for Business 2010 at #grsm

The following are the 60 or so tweets I had as my presentation material for a recent talk at GRSM on Twitter Strategy for Business. I would love to post the slideshare of this presentation however it was designed as a presentation via twitter. Many of you have asked how I did it. I could not have done it with out the help of two staff members of ddm marketing & communications who posted each point as I hit it. These tweets are my content, I prewrote them and my staff only filled in 3 or so tweets where I strayed from my pre written notes.  I’ve also embedded the video for your viewing pleasure.

GRSM – Aug. 26th 2010 Paul Kortman Twitter Strategy from Grand Rapids Social Marketing on Vimeo.

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Presentation Notes as Tweets

Getting setup for #GRSM, follow along at home or from your own laptop at @grcommfound by going here:

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If you don’t care about live tweeting events, or learning about #twitter use a tool to mute me: #grsm

– @joelleo and @imaclurg from @grsm should be thanked (or bought a few beers) for creating #grsm and giving back to the community

The house is packed! Great Turnout. #grsm

For those who didn’t get the link earlier, what you see on the big screen can be seen on your screen here: #grsm

Paul Kortman @namtrok is starting an non-traditional presentation, using #twitter as the presentation tool #grsm

This is an experiment in action, we’ve taken the proper safety precautions, but this whole presentation could blow up :) #grsm

Tweet Grid Link:

I work for @teamddm as dir of Search & Social: We help companies navigate twitter & more on a daily basis #grsm

Gratuitous plug for @teamddm, did you know we’re hiring? Search & Social, CSS, Proj Mgmt & more #grsm (plz RT)

I believe that #twitter is an infrastructure like the power grid. You can use it for whatever purpose. Thus, twitter as a preso tool #grsm

Pyramid of Strategy: top= Marketing Strategy, second tier includes Advertising Strategy, PR, Sales, Trad Media, Web Strategy #grsm

Everything you do should be driven by objectives which come from a strategy, this includes all SocMed, but especially Twitter #grsm

Pyramid of Strategy: Whiteboard pic, Marketing Strategy #grsm

Under Web strategy (Tier 3 of Pyramid of Strategy) is Conversion Strategy, Content Strategy, and Social Media Strategy #grsm

Ever thought about a conversion strategy for your website? What are you trying to get your users to do? How does it help your biz? #grsm

Pyramid of Strategy: Tier 4 under SocMed Strat: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, 4Sq, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, <–All are Strategies #grsm

Question for you to ponder: What are you doing with your web presence? #GRSM

Pyramid of Strategy: Whiteboard pic, Web/Social Strategy #grsm

And finally Tier 5 under Twitter Strategy – Listen, Objectives, Voice, Content Strat, Follower Strategy, Integration Strat, & Tools #grsm

Pyramid of Strategy: Whiteboard pic, Twitter Strategy #grsm

Pyramid of Strategy: Whiteboard pic, Whole Pyramid: #grsm

I’m going to skip over Listen as a strategy, all I’ll say is you’ve got to listen first. I’m assuming you are or have done this. #grsm

Objectives flow from Marketing Strategy all the way down to Twitter Strategy, are you selling hammers? or pimping a non-profit #grsm

Example Objectives for Twitter Strategy: Sell Tickets, brand awareness, buzz generation, Publicity prep, customer support and more #grsm

Example Objective: Product Awareness, focus around a topic like better eyesight, this drives content and follower strategy too. #grsm

Easter Egg: #grsm

Voice was covered last year Personal/Person, Person behind the brand, & the brand #grsm What is your voice on Twitter?

New thoughts or ideas on voice for twitter strategy? #grsm Are you going to be hip, stale, conversational, self-focused or what?

How many retweets, original content, replies, and marketing are you going to post? #grsm

I recommend: 40% original content, 40% other’s content and 20% (or less) ads/marketing speak #grsm

Social Media is a multidirectional platform. DO NOT be 100% marketing, or 100% one-way. Dialog, Dialog, Dialog. #grsm
Want to know how to create content that will “go viral” or at a minimum get retweeted? checkout @danzarrella now working for @hubspot #grsm

Questions to ask in a content strategy: ratios, do you RT? Content scheduled? Editorial Calendar? What value are you offering? #grsm

So many brands get it so wrong with 90% marketing speak 10% “hey i’m going to talk to someone” #grsm

Editorial calendars help plan what you’re going to say on Twitter… it’s not bad to plan #grsm

We all want Followers, but you’ve got to have the right followers, total numbers mean nothing if they are not in your target market #grsm

Tools to help in building follower base: @followerwonk, @socialoomph, @tweepsearch, @PeopleBrowsr, @twittersearch, & more #grsm

Automation can only do so much, the old school methods still work the best, hand following, @ replying and unfollowing non followers #grsm

It is really hard to follow 100 people manually…. use tools #grsm

Some clients have taken > year to break the 1,000 follower mark, others have broken 2,000 in 6 months. Depends on target Audience #grsm

Easter Egg: #grsm

It’s not about the follower number, it’s about reach, dialog, and engagement of followers. Success is not measured in follower count #grsm
If success were measured by follower count @ladygaga should be today’s speaker, > 5 Million followers and less than 500 tweets #grsm

Key in Follower Strategy: find the right accounts to follow through keyword/topic/geo-based searches, like “Venture Capitalist” #grsm

Also possible to do a contest, give-aways based on hashtag, dialog, or following. <– These are more difficult to gain adoption #grsm

Contests to gain followers work well if you have a large base of engaged followers already or can engage influencers #grsm
Short and Simple what other social networks are you going to integrate to your twitter presence? #grsm – this is your integration strategy

Example integrations: YouTube, Blog, RSS feed, Delicious, Feed Reader, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, 4sq, flickr, linkedin, etc #grsm

Choose your integration wisely #grsm

Be careful with Integration of other SocMed content as they can be annoying, and they can mess up, automation is not always best #grsm

You have to have a strategy with what tools you are going to use. Don’t use a tool just cause the twitterati use it. #grsm
Too many tools to mention, but @oneforty from @pistachio has the best collection and review, I often find new tools there. #grsm

I use @tweetgrid @tweetdeck @tweetie @twitter (iPhone) @echophone @cotweet @hootsuite @friendorfollow @klout @twitterfeed & others #grsm

Don’t forget listening tools: @scoutlabs @radian6, @AlterianSM2, @socialmention Automate the easy stuff, spend your time on dialog #grsm
New Features: Followed by U both Follow Suggestions 4U #grsm

For important topics, create an RSS feed and drop it in your email so you’re notified when your topic comes up #grsm

Take an afternoon once a quarter and evaluate your strategy #grsm

Can you remember twitter without replies?? #grsm
Freebie: Twitter Lists: #grsm
Because of Twitter and sms people’s lives were saved in last years Chilean earthquake. ISPs/web access down but sms was up #grsm
Thanks for listening, reading, tweeting, asking questions and all, please feel free to ask questions here #grsm or on #twitter!

Thanks to @danielbkimball and @imeghanp from @teamddm for being the wizards behind the curtain! #grsm

And thanks to @GRCommFound for making space for #grsm and other learning/non-profit events.

Sorry there will be no slidedeck to download :) but you can search for #grsm and find all of these tweets (for a week)
Thanks for participating!! Did you enjoy the experiment? Lets carry on the conversation on #twitter #grsm

Wow that’s a long outline

There is a lot to say about twitter and business!

Were you there? What did you think? Discuss your thoughts in the comments section below