Facebook & Twitter Examples for Businesses

Facebook & Twitter Examples for Businesses

I was explaining to a friend who is not in the business world what I do and how I get paid to be on facebook and twitter. This is my attempt at writing out that logic. I hope to answer a business’ question: I’m on facebook personally but what benefit would my business get from a facebook or say a twitter presence?

Facebook as a sales tool.

This is not how to use Groups, ads,  or Pages on facebook Instead this is discussing how to develop a sales tool using a staff members personal profile. (more…)

Facebook Strategy for Businesses

At a recent GRTechLunch Laura Bergells and I were discussing Facebook Pages and the disappointment I had with the facebook change in function to prevent spamming by only allowing Pages/Businesses to connect with their fans through updates.

As a business, you need more than a weblink. She helped me see it in a different way. And now here are some of my current thoughts as it applies to Facebook and businesses. You can also click here for some additional info.