Dreamhost is not Down

Dreamhost is not Down

UPDATE: 9:30am Eastern (GMT -4): It appears that at least 15 minutes ago the connection through NTT was restored. It also appears that some users (Comcast) share a backbone or are the backbone for Dreamhost (don’t quote me, but the traceroutes in the comments appear to suggest this is true). This was an isolated incident. if you are landing here after June 2011 then this article is not about your situation. The issue appeared to lie with NTT and their connection to Comcast (or Dreamhost’s ISP). They finally are reporting the status. Total downtime? 4.5 hours (ish)

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This is a developing story… but too many people have been asking so I’m writing this to explain a few things.

Dreamhost is not having problems which is what their status sites are not reporting anything.