I’m not the only one

I wrote a post about a month ago which dealt with the FOCA and Obama and such.

I was surprised how many people read it and still read it. People have even made many off of this blog comments about it. but no one has commented on the post itself. As a returning blogger passionate about something political I figured I rub a few people wrong and get some feedback, but all of it has come off-blog. Which is a little frustrating, I’d rather have the comments out there in the public forum for debate, than in my inbox or my ear for only my response.

But I digress.

Today a coworker of mine pointed out a new article on cnn.com. She said “as a catholic, i find it really frustrating that we are wasting our time and resources on this activity.” What is this activity? the FOCA, the same piece of legislation I was trying to show doesn’t exist. Fear Uncertainty and Doubt still are crippling the religious right. How are we to change this?

Please post your ideas in the comments.

Zippy Advertisements

I work in Marketing. Better stated I work for a firm that makes its money in marketing. I have been in this industry for 3 years now and never knew anything about what it takes to be a marketer.

Through our past three years of experience with seeing my companies adds placed around our community my wife and I have begun to be critics of all marketing and advertising.  For example I appreciate good User Interface (UI or UX) Both in digital/new media and in old/traditional media. A Billboard with too much information or too small of print is not good UI to me.

My wife recently ran into this ad on You tube and I’d like to discuss it here. (more…)

Abortion and Obama

I aim to set the record straight. I am not a politician, just an average joe who has listened to the talk all over about Obama and abortion. I have heard some pretty negative comments. And today I got one that made me upset enough to research what the truth about Obama and Abortion is and was. (more…)