Every once in a while a request to be a guest blogger here is granted. The following post is written by Leonard Widrich, Leo is the co-founder of BufferApp.com, which helps to annoy followers less with a new way to schedule Tweets. He publishes Twitter tips at blog.bufferapp.com every week, you can connect with him @leowid or the app itself @bufferapp on Twitter.


Buffer Twitter App Review

Twitter’s latest evaluation of $7.7 billion goes far beyond it’s monetary value. Making a difference on Twitter is more important than ever. What you best avoid at all times is annoying your followers by sending them too many tweets at once.

If you feel you could do with spreading out your tweets a bit more and tweet more consistently every day, let me introduce you to Buffer a new Twitter App.

Buffer? Can you just give me a quick description?

Buffer lets you add many tweets at once to your Buffer account and then spreads them out over the day for you. I find this particularly useful when you read the news. I put my 5 favourite articles into the Buffer and the app will tweet them well spread out over the course of the day. No individual scheduling or time setting. One click and it’s in your Buffer.

I am interested – What does it do in more detail?

The easiest way to put tweets into your Buffer is by using one of the browser extensions. Whenever you find an interesting article, you give it one click on the Buffer icon.

Buffer, by default, gives you the title and the link of the site you are on. You can edit the tweet some more or simply hit “add to Buffer” right away.

See an example of Colin’s post below:

Twitter Buffer App Review

Track the impact of your buffered tweets with analytics too

Conveniently Buffer has also just launched an analytics feature. It will help you to track the impact for your tweets. It shows you the retweets of all your tweets sent via Buffer. The service will have click rate and other handy insights ready real soon too.

Twitter Analytics via Buffer App Review

What happens to my tweets when Buffered?

Once you added tweets to your Buffer, they will be scheduled for you. This means your updates will be tweeted for you during the day. When? Here is how it works:

When you first sign up you set a couple of fixed tweeting times. Now at each time, one of your tweets will go out every day. The good thing is that there is no need to schedule each tweet individually, like you would do with other tweet scheduling services. Oh and of course you can always change your daily tweeting times any time.

As an example, here are my daily tweeting times, where each one of my buffered tweets will go out:

Scheduling Tweets Twitter Buffer App Screenshot

What makes Buffer “killer”?

If you have similar habits like me, reading many great blogposts every day and trying to get the most out of Twitter, you will love to use Buffer.

The thing you will appreciate most about Buffer is that all it takes is one click on the icon to have another tweet scheduled in your Buffer. On top of that you share great articles with your followers consistently all day and you don’t flood them with too many tweets at once.

Finally I also want to point out that Buffer is no “instead of Tweetdeck or Hootsuite” tool. You can seamlessly integrate the use of Buffer with your favourite client.

You should try out Buffer and let me know your views below. I am very curious if you find it useful too.

Paul Here

So let’s hear it, was this a benificial review? Do you like the guest post format? Have you tried Buffer? Shout out in the comments below. Oh, and here is a handy Twitter search to find out who is using buffer