Twin TomsToday is an American holiday known as Thanksgiving, and while the foundations of this holiday are different, the current culture dictates that there be a large family gathering with overeating and a turkey involved. There is another more subtle tradition of listing the things a person is thankful for. This is my venue of choice for listing my 2009 thanksgiving “I’m thankful for…” list.

God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

Frankly I rarely have my act together and yet God loves me. When I dwell on these two concepts I often am dumbfounded as to why He chooses me/us.

My wife.

She has had numerous struggles in the past two years, major let downs, major health issues, and through it all she has perservered. She is an encouragement to me in how no matter what happens she gets out of bed each day and makes it through the day. I love you babe.

My two kids (plus the third on the way).

In the last 3 years since having kids I have laughed, cried, sleptless, and played more than ever before. My life and heart would be empty with out them.


Yeah here is where I earn my nerd credentials. I’m a search engine marketing specalist. Without google I wouldn’t A. Have access to a tenth of the information that I do know. B. Have a cool job like I do now. And C. Have access to free tools like Gmail, google analytics, google docs, and many others. I’m a nerd and I’m thankful for Google

My team at work.

There have been tough times and they will cone again. But no where else have I worked where I am valued as much as with my current team. Also I’ve never been more proud of my coworkers as I am now. I love my job.


By far it it my network of choice. It has extended my reach, helped my clients improve their numbers and taught me many many new things.

My iPhone.

No other device has so radically changed every aspect of my life and how I communicate. I write, plan, research, socialize, and connect more now thanks to it.

Centos and Linux in general.

(I told you this is a nerds thankful list) no other OS combines security, stability, and openess quite like Cent does.

Living on a farm in the woods.

Farming has it’s many challenges, but with as much tech I have in my life it is still amazing to connect with Gods creation and see how plants grow and animals provide for us.

My socio-economic status.

We’re a one income middle class family. I love being able to afford family vacations while saving money by being a one car family and carpooling. There are many joys and humbling experiences that come with middle class life.

The ability to help people.

Everyday I find myself training/instructing/helping others from clients to friends to the local mechanic. I am so thankful to be able to give to others what has been given to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May you express thankfullness in things small and large everyday.

(I owe a thank you to my wife for the suggestion of a non-traditional thankful list.)