Blank Sheet of PaperWhat is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is a term used to describe the work done to change Page content (Titles, Headings, Alt text, internal link text, keyword density, etc) in order to affect position (page rank) in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). We’ve been working with quite a few of our clients and copywriters training them to have an eye for optimizing on-page content in light of SEO and keyword positioning. Check out RankUp SEO, if you need information on SEO. If you want to know what seo agencies for fitness companies do, you can click here to find out!

It brings good success. But we have learned not to stop there. If you are interested to know the best SEO strategies in Dubai, you may visit the Quirky Digital online site.

Website Promotion

To boil it all down, Website promotion is efforts at garnering links, either through increased exposure, through the blogosphere, through social networks, or through standard linkbuilding. You can see at Local Brand Advisor as how you can promote your website. While you are at it, why not check out Schure Consulting LLC for promoting your website.

No matter how you look at it Website Promotion can be a more powerful tool than on page SEO.

Conversely, SEO is a great way to diversify and reduce your need for paid ads. It offers a “light at the end of the tunnel” where costs dramatically reduce. Once you start seeing success, it’s a lot easier to maintain your ranking. Also, there’s no limit to how much you can earn from it. As a result, hiring an ecommerce SEO agency is a perfect way to reduce ad costs. Yes, it does require an initial investment, but costs dramatically reduce over time!

Link building case study

To prove a point, I took a domain that had only one published page, and on that page had 6 words and two images. There were no keywords, no alternate text on the images, no headings and the page title was very similar to the domain name.

To say that this page had no on page SEO is an understatement. You can get SEO services from local news sites and build your reach. If you are unaware of SEO trends and how it works, the service providers can help with everything around it and RankUp SEO.

I choose a keyword for which this page did not rank, The domain, page title, the 6 words on the page nothing contained this keyword.

I created 8 brand new blogs, one post each, with different content on each post, but all linking to that page with the link text of my keyword. And it worked

Within one month The keyword-less (the none on-page S optimised page) ranked on page one, a couple of days later it was up to position 5 on page one.

Quoting Search Engine Watch’s Eric Enge: “Unlike on-page SEO, Web site promotion nearly always continues to offer good returns.” and “Every minute you spend tweaking (and re-tweaking) on-page factors is a minute you don’t spend on promoting the Web site” He says more in his post on Website promotion