From flickr user blue out

From flickr user blue out

At a presentation this morning it was made plainly clear to me that businesses are looking for example social media documents. I have been tasked with writing up a couple of examples and would appreciate any help that my community would be willing to give.

I’ll be writing the following example Social Media documents

  • Best Practices – Learn from others mistakes?
  • Social Media Strategy – How do you enter and what is your reason for being in the social channel
  • Policies and Procedures – Do updates need approval?

I could use your help in various ways, what topics should I cover? What examples do you have? What tactics should I cover.

Potentially this will turn into it’s own post/presentation or perhaps multiple. I’m considering writing these for up to four entities, a Financial Institution, a Government Institution, an Educational Institution, and a Non Profit Institution.

If you are interested in seeing these documents please let me know as well. That might give encouragement as I write these.